Hello reader! 

Welcome to Brown Girl Fitness. I created this blog to share inspiration and my fitness journey with you along with the tips and tricks that I've learned through the way. 

I was an active and fun-loving skinny little child who had a zest for life. As I grew older, I went through some family issues which made me somewhat of an anxious introvert. I felt like an outcast and took things out on my food and diet.

I became terribly thin. 

Later in life, I took to food to meet my emotional needs and fill the void that I felt inside of me. I quickly gained weight and developed PCOS. So, started my frantic efforts to lose weight---and, my love for fast food!

During all of this, I failed to see the darkness brimming inside me. 

I was diagnosed with Depression and everything started to make sense. The irritable mood, the hypersomnia...

I realized that I had a problem and started to look for a solution.